Paradise to Pain to Paradise!

Malcolm L Stewart
3 min readApr 15, 2021

I was living in Thailand. I traveled back to Australia every three months to see my children and grandchild.

View from my Condo

My health and fitness improved with Karate three days a week.

I wanted to continue living in Thailand & visit Australia, to see my family every three months.

Then Covid Struck when I was in Australia. I loved living in Thailand but losing my lifestyle in Thailand caused me to suffer anxiety and depression.

I reinvented my Speed Reading Online, which gives me income in exchange for time but no future residual income.

But I still felt I had “LOST EVERYTHING!” THEN, as if by chance, something “AMAZING” happened. A friend introduced me to a Global One Server Company called ATOMY that also had offices in Thailand.

Atomy HQ

Atomy had the efficacy, THE PRODUCTS, and a case study to be a significant online player for 20 years! I then introduced my friends in Thailand, India, and Australia with the joint purpose of mutual success.

Absolute Quality Absolute Price

This connected me back to my paradise as now I am traveling in my HEAD

I can now be the entrepreneur online as I used to be offline and connect me with my love of all countries in Asia. Atomy has the global technology to support my success. Atomy also has incredible products backed by South Korean Technology.

I plan to build a significant residual income stream within the next two years for our “Atomy Diamond Group!”

“You are welcome to join me in my journey. It's more about money it's also about socializing with all your friends around the world. That's the main thing that has brought purpose back into my life!”

“HOW would you like to have the potential of adding an EXTRA $1,804,500 towards your retirement OR Savings!”

“Earn DAILY Commissions!”

“Get my Support, Training, Loyalty & COMMITMENT!’


“TO GOOD TO BE TRUE Then Allow me 10 to 30 minutes of your time to explain the business plan!”

“I will not waste your or my time.!”

“Timing is everything! It may or may not be the right time for you!”


“I hope that if you decide to share my journey. I am here to give you the required training & support to achieve success!”

“Whatever you decide…..Best wishes and success!

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Malcolm L Stewart

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