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Malcolm L Stewart
2 min readOct 16, 2020
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Quadrant Selling

An easy to learn 4 step approach and applying selling techniques for everyone in your business that talks to prospects or customers

Customer service and sales newbies do not like or fear to sell, but unfortunately, they must sell to succeed in their chosen profession

The quadrant selling process is an easy way for the customer service people to understand the basics of sales interaction



The Relaxed Phase is the objective of promoting a Relaxed-State is to stimulate an environment in which the prospect has no cause to be concerned about being confronted with the purchase decision; in other words, develop a relationship with the person, and when both of you are relaxed then you can move on to the next stage


In the Disturb Phase, the objective of promoting a Disturbed-State is to cause a prospective to imagine the pain associated with not owning the product or service being offered. The intention here is not to be cruel but to be kind by allowing the prospect to understand what their situation would be without the benefits of the product and or service


The Relieve Phase is the objective of promoting a Relief-State, which explains the prospect of recognizing options that will alleviate pain. In this case, is providing a solution that will benefit and help the customer desire the product and or service

4. ASK

The ASK Phase is the final phase many Customer Service people and even some seasoned salespersons dislike. It is uncomfortable to ask for money unless it’s a transactional retail sale. But if you realize that you have established a good relationship in the Relaxed-Phase, you have Disturbed them pleasantly. You’ve Relieved them with the opportunity to understand the benefits! Then asking for the money should come from a caring and empathetic position, not from a monetary grabbing position

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