A Change in Environment Could be a Life Changer

Malcolm L Stewart
3 min readOct 16, 2020


If you suffer form any form of Mental Health issues you belong to a special band of Warriors

The Liberation of Location

During life, nearly all of us go through some difficulties. Some of us, unfortunately, go through serious traumas. Some have PTSD or other mental health issues that are challenging to overcome.

I will be open and honest and say that I am Bipolar, suffered Depression in the past, and have PTSD from my Naval Service.

This article is mainly to inform of my own personal experience of relocation and hopefully help other people in similar circumstances to move on! It should not be taken as advice for other people. It’s just my story of how I found happiness again and a renewed purpose in my life! This is not based on any medical research as I am not a Dr or allied health professional.

It is my personal experience after three broken marriages and being abandoned as a child; I had some serious issues to reconsider in how I could take full responsibility for these events and move onto greater days ahead!

Current Environment

All the bad memories I had were involved in one city. The memory of the traumas’ memories and feelings constantly came up in this same environment every day was a challenge! Fortunately, I am persistent and resilient. I never wanted to live in this city but moved there for the wishes of other people.

We want to have a pleasant day in our lives. The biggest change that happened to me was when I was called overseas for two years that allowed me to take a break from this city, which has caused me so much unhappiness and pain!


This relocation, new environment, new people, new culture gave me the ability to move ahead with my life and reflect and repair any issues I had.

It took a couple of years, but during those two years, I had fun and stimulation in my work and, in turn, got myself to full mental and physical fitness. I’ve come to understand that motivation or goal setting isn’t the most important thing; it’s the change in one’s environment!

In my opinion, the most important thing to improve one’s mental health is to relocate to a new environment, whether it’s visiting a gym, interstate, or overseas!

Moving Forward

It’s important to disconnect from the people and places that cause you to have low self-esteem or reoccurrences of bad emotions or memories! Difficulties in getting through the day because of one’s mental health needs to be addressed.

Sometimes we sacrifice our own personal happiness to make other people happy, and that in the end wears us down if the sacrifice isn’t at least reciprocated.

There comes a time where one must take one’s own happiness in hand and go on that adventure, a new fitness regime, diet, or overseas, but the change in environment is the key.

That is why we go to gyms, yoga classes, or enjoy coffee shops. The environment is critical. We always perform better in a gym or at our own work because the environment stimulates our motivation to perform more efficiently! That’s why motivation doesn’t come first; it’s the environment!

The Destination

For me personally, my relocation was to Thailand was the change that brought me back to whom I really am again! I love the culture of the people!

Through my connections, I have now gained valuable experience in living and enjoying life in Thailand. There are also dangers and the pitfalls that happen to many relocating to Thailand.

Through my experiences, I am happy to assist anybody with any questions or support if they want to take that journey into this beautiful country and get away from any memories and or traumas that your current environment burdens you with.

If you would like the information on relocating to Thailand or any FAQ’s, please contact Malcolm Stewart at https://skillscentre.com.au/contact/



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